New International Version

But beware! Spiritual adversary and our enemy is very astute. Wants us to believe that it governs and has too much power, without knowing what el Salvador taught very clearly: because the Prince of this world has been judged.(John 16: 11). Here refers to the Prince of this world which is the own Satan (cf. Matt. 12: 24) getting ready for battle before thought it was enough to meet with the Group of evangelization of the Church, set dates, timely fix working groups and go to parks, streets and places of wide confluence of people. Huge mistake! As you He said, it was necessary to reassess the schemas. Campaigns for the preaching of the good news, onwards were antecedidas by prayer, fasting and the ground socket to recapture territories held by Satan. Everything was different. The results jump in sight when we see that people respond to the Gospel. The band has fallen from his eyes and without greater reluctance, they receive the salvation that is in our beloved Lord Jesus. Was the own savior who taught a masterly parable that invites us to know against who battled and what is the territory that we take: O suppose that a King is about to go to war against another King. Do perhaps does not sit down first to calculate if you can deal with ten thousand men to him who comes against him with twenty thousand? 32 if you can’t send a delegation while the other is still far to ask peace conditions.(Luke 14: 27, 32.) New International Version) can not go to battle without measuring the extent of the task that we are going to undertake. The role of cartography spiritual now, bring this powerful word to the practical level. How to beat the enemy? Knowing it. How we take effectively Nations, provinces, cities, and neighborhoods? Identifying the powers that dominate over people.

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