Dr. Noronha

Dr. Noronha took knowledge of the death of this youngster and more than fast it gave course to the process of transplant of the heart of Marcelo for Rodrigo, with the authorization of Smia, that, exactly agreeing, did not want to know who would be the person who would receive the heart from its husband. For the surprise of all, the results had been positive and this caused a revolution in the world of the medicine of the time, appearing new perspectives of cures. After some time in comment, Rodrigo received high, having that to return quite frequently to the hospital. In one of these gone and comings, walking for the center of the city, in the way of the multitude it saw the image of a pretty woman who called the attention and looked seguiz to it, however finished losing its well next track to the So Paulo Confectionery. After the death of the husband, Smia decided to change itself and rented one room in the plaza of the Acclimatization, good next to the Street Galvo Bueno in the center to the quarter of the Freedom. The image of that woman who Rodrigo had seen in the center of the city not left it the head and seemed that it nourished a passion that not even it wise person of where he had appeared, until certain day was in its room of pension in the quarter of the Acclimatization and perceived that pretty woman of black hair, cut chanel, skin branquinha as milk, slow floor and with a sad expression in the face, walking for the streets and came the souvenir of the day he saw where it in the center of the city. Smia was a typical woman of the Belle poque. Time marked for the ostentation and excesses; it was a time of strong colors, skirts funnelled.

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