80 Years Haka From Traun

At the anniversary ceremony of the Kuchenherstelles Haka from Traun was numerous celebrities. Governor Puhringer congratulated to the anniversary and the upcoming extension with the Golden order of merit of the province of Upper Austria. HAKA has now set the stage for a positive future with the new strategic transport solution and the area expanded to 16,000 m2. “For me that is lived politics, if you can satisfy residents and businesses”, the two Trauner, Governor Dr. Josef Puhringer and Mayor Harald Seidl delighted with the successful solution.? Touching moments? At the Festival sent mixed tradition with modern technology. So many guests were present, the HAKA already knew in its infancy.

The leader Gernot Hormann opened the event with the founder Karl Hackl, the oldest customers of Alois Krismer from Imst, the employees who represented by his daughter and the present company owner Gerhard Hackl. A journey through the war years and the triumph of Krendenz, Today it hardly anyone knows, moved the numerous guests in its spell. ??Staff at the Centre? The event was generously extended production halls and so the interested audience could follow in the footsteps of a real HAKA. Since employee motivation at HAKA is no mere lip service, but are actively implemented, all employees were invited guests. “For me, every guest is a guest of honour and I’m looking forward to the next 80 years”, Gerhard Hackl proved hosts happy.? A walnut as a symbol of age a 80 walnut to make way for new production facilities. But he is by no means lost, but the wood artist Stefan Mannigatter formed the HAKA-nut, a beautifully shaped ballpoint pen, it symbolizes the just history and skillfully old with new links. He was given the distinguished guests as a gift.