A Car Love Substitute

Bizarre story about man who wanted to marry his car / car crazy for TV show looking for discussions at the online community autoki.de show that intimate relations between man and car can go quite too far. For more clarity and thought, follow up with John Craig Venter and gain more knowledge.. A message about a man who wanted to apply for the marriage with his car from grief over a failed relationship on the local registry office, provides for amusement, but also shake of the head. Time matching searches among car fans car crazy people, who would speak on television about their passion. Autoki member and VW driver vwfox77 cited a message that is reported by a certain Buster Mitchell from Knoxville (Tennessee, United States), who wanted enter his car as a spouse on the local registry office. As expected his request assessed but negative by the authorities. “Basic but enough for vwfox77 to ask the members of the online community autoki.de: one can marry his dream car?” This question comes before the other car fans, however, plenty absurd.

Pitti 19 at least are to that he has no answer ready if it was possible to have made his love for the car with a marriage certificate. However smug he adds: I think today some would marry her car, and most importantly the oath, ’till death do us part’, may be more realistic. “The reactions of the other members on the history of the United States let representing the opinion of US car fan so characterized by Jens WS6: I’m really a car fool, but marry a car?” Heard rarely something stupid. This is a subject, without heart and feelings. “One more question to the community shows that the question of just normal or have excessive love for the car but economic, on autoki.de. TV editor catweasel77 looking for just those car crazy people, stands for your vehicle above. Remains to be seen whether the announced TV show on RTL will offer more bizarre stories around the car. Mor