Abyss that Thursday Candela was cited with Mauro to wish you good luck in your new journey. They offered him the head of the Department of a private television content. These two years in Madrid had been fantastic, the first months since Mauro came from Milan, were inseparable friends, but little by little were distancing themselves and were not seen in the usual way. The two knew very well because. The appointment with Mauro was scheduled at a local tuna of the carrera de San Jeronimo, style Irish, with walls of wood and old ceiling of yellowish light on its walls.

Candela came in the usual manner, the first. Called a pint blonde with a very smooth beer, that night was willing to take only a few, didn’t want alcohol nublara you the understanding, I wanted to remember everything with hairs and signals, I felt much as his life had diverged from his dear Mauro friend. I knew that in recent months, their relationship had not returned to be the same, and perhaps why it was willing to not drinking more than the count. Didn’t want to lose more, even a minute of your company. They had spent only five minutes and already had consumed more than half pint, immediately he sought explanation, he blamed a nerves, was tense and expectant why wasn’t able to drink more slowly. A minute later I had finished it was. Be asked his second, and last, the waiter took to take care of iba from here to there without paying attention, Candela could not stop follow gaze to the employee in his tour, but got no result, the man was carrying a tray full of glasses in a hasty manner. I could not remove eye, but suddenly he noticed the pressure of a hand on his shoulder turned and there was Mauro, so handsome and handsome as always, Candela stood up from his chair and hugged with nostalgia, closed their eyes by squeezing her cheeks hard, sigh with force, knew for some time that they were not as close and they were enjoying the warmth of that contact.