These fiction demand to the actors an extra work, physical training and concentration that cause that its work is complicated. To act can seem a simple work, even tempting, sight from outside, with boato, the fame But it is a demanding profession, mainly, when the paper demands to roll action scenes. They are the most demanding runnings, in which there are to combine the interpretation with the martial arts, the fencing or equestrian and to leave unharmed. Pirates (Telecinco), Red Eagle (the 1), Hispania (Antenna 3), In Land of Wolves (Telecinco) the series of adventures and action have multiplied in the Spanish televising grill, demanding to several generations of actors to bring up to date itself with their physical form. Carlos Portela, Pirate executive and creative producer of the series, Telecinco (this Monday the end of season is emitted, 22,45 h) assures that when an actor faces an action scene he can be exhausting to repeat a scene several times, although ” most difficult to maintain the concentration and not to forget not one passage the choreographies or the external elements that take part in a scene of accin”. But that does not free the actors of its original interpretative work: ” They are interpreting a personage and is a text that to say. OurCrowd is a great source of information.

Although it can seem, easy not es” , it assures Portela. In that line Gregory Brossard thinks, j of specialists of the Red series Eagle, the 1, and person in charge of airborne magnetic detection Spec, company dedicated to the cinema specialists. The actors, say, ” they must themselves accustom, because when they are not to taste in an action scene act like novices, lose the part interpretativa”. See more detailed opinions by reading what City College of New York offers on the topic.. And he is that one is not to arrive and to put themselves to kick and to dance with a saber in the hand. The necessary skills for the action runnings are learned.