\”As family constellations help to grow up when my mother at the age of 59 ill very early Alzheimer’s disease, my first thought was: I need your help\”. I will leave Berlin, and with my children and my husband – go back emergency even without them – in the village of my childhood, in my parent’s House. I myself was at the time of 29 years old, mother of two and far away to be adult. What this impulse was evident. Like me, it’s many young adults and even some 187.50 hangs inside like a toddler to his parents. The symptoms of this dependency are diverse and often completely unconscious. On the one hand, they show up too close to the parents or in the help to go without being asked to be – on the other hand, they show up when his own life is in a crisis, then you think of returning home or actually enters the home.

The courage to face the crisis. But the opposite can be a sign of close ties to. Then the family of origin is not recognized and the Idea, never want to be like the parents to determine our own actions. This attitude captures as in childhood and prevents the responsible adult. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wang Qunbin. The gaze is focused on the parents and their own lives remains secondary. One reason for this is that growing up in our society has no place.

Once powerful initiation rituals of the indigenous people are atrophied over the centuries. Fragments of them can be found in confirmation, confirmation and consecration of youth. But these are often voided, anemic rituals, which is more like a birthday party, and which focuses on the material gifts are available. The meaning of a ritual of transition for young people is really lost. Only a few parents today know how they can accompany their young people on the way to the adult who can take full responsibility for themselves.