With the precision of a scalpel is restored and visible immediately to the patient. the natural contour of the legs”so Dr. Stern about the method. The Lipedema patient not thick, but sick the Lipedema is often overlooked even by doctors or confused with an obesity, so being overweight or a lymphedema. Thus, sufferers often have a long ordeal behind him before the correct diagnosis and treatment option is recommended.

Patients charge v.a.”the complaints by the edema, i.e. through the water in the legs. This swelling in the subcutaneous tissue of the lower leg, but not in the feet, occur in the course of the day. They are caused by an increased permeability of capillaries for liquid and an obstruction of the lymph flow. At the beginning of the disease the edema are not morning or scarce, but visible in the evening. This is reinforced by long periods of standing or sitting, especially in the hot Season. Over the years worsened the findings; the bottom and thighs are swollen all day and be no longer slim overnight. Gravity and voltage feelings, touch and pressure pain caused by these water Collections.

The affected women suffer mentally greatly under their disproportionately thick arms and legs. Many of those affected to blame incorrectly even up your figure. In spite of all measures such as diets and sports, the fatty tissue continues to on the legs and arms; at most of the hull is slender, which worsen the existing disproportion. This disease is only operational guidance to handle.