Artificial Skating Rink In Business

Sports business is growing very rapidly. In any even the smallest town has a sports shop. Businessmen began to realize that if not provide a quality service, clients, simply go to competitors. And if the services are seasonal, for example, hire sunbeds – hide away until the next season. Or skates – in the summer do not go! After all sorts of programs on television back in fashion figure skating.

Someone recalls old skills, and someone gets on skates for the first time. But the ice and snow fragile thing, and there are cases when the installation is large and bulky equipment is impossible. And this is where modern technology comes to assistance to entrepreneurs, athletes and fans to skate. In shopping centers are set rollers, which are based on artificial ice (a synthetic surface for skating, simulating real ice). The advantages of such structures are easy to operate, a large temperature range of use. Polyolefin plates are welded into a single surface, which gives the effect of natural ice. Fitted synthetic ice on the prepared flat surface.

The surface to improve skid processed by a special emulsion, which results in a slip, the same as that of natural ice. If we compare the sliding velocity, then the synthetic ice it all, only 2-4% lower. These parameters can conduct training in figure skating, hockey, and just give people the joy of skating. Only a true professional can feel the difference between natural and artificial ice. And according to experts the difference is so small that many sports arenas abandon the classical in favor of synthetic ice. Such a roller set, many in the open air. For example, a hotel complex has decided to hold a rally titled "Leap of summer in winter." Accept good PR move. And besides that, kids dash off to the rink this plenty, so no need to fear that he might get sick, because around summer. Whatever the sport: a beautiful, fast, technically – it should be in each of us.