They were not paying attention because of primary and excessive attention to the bacteria and their role in the process, unlike bacteria, has been studied enough. Also for the first time plan to create an adequate model of tuberculosis, which occurs in nature, based on new modeling techniques of tuberculosis in animals. This is a fundamentally new approach to studies. Well aware of the responsibility in respect of alleged new theory. Necessary, or publicly announce the fallacy in the absence of evidence or to prove it experimentally! As scheduled done in the next year or two. For the experiments planned to raise the profile and the organization. If we succeed in research to find only a new approach, one that is already paving the way to solving the problem of tuberculosis. Hence, the work done for a reason.

Although the above report had already been refuted by common and presents a new hypothesis on the nature of treatment in fat, which is already experimentally confirmed and proved by Trinchera and followers. But against can not be real objections. Today, pharmaceutical and yet can not provide effective drugs, new approaches are needed. A situation where a decision is needed by all, and science and the clinic and pharmacy, and patients who suffering from tuberculosis, and society! So, before you announce a new theory, we have been previously identified ways to develop radically new products. We hope that this interest pharmaceuticals. We look forward to mutual understanding and confidence in a robust discussion with the experiment, as well as active participation in our project stakeholders. Peter Savchenko, of Medicine and the substance Intersuccess, Kiev,