Better Body

We all have aspirations in life, and one of them is better find us with our body, get a corpobene, which means having a body well. To do so, currently there are several ways to get this corpobene: La Fotodepilacion, mainly by IPL, with this get the body hairs and get a corpobene, will have to perform several sessions between 4 to 8 and this will eliminate that as annoying hair. Cavitation *, innovative system that will be able to remove body fat using ultrasound applied to high power, will typically 40 kHz, thereby we break the Adipocyte and subsequently we expel him thanks to the: lymphatic drainage through the preassure therapy, is a method already quite old but just as effective as always, this we will eliminate via the lymph that fat that we have managed to separate, will always be important to perform pressotherapy after cavitation although it would also be convenient to use the: Vibrating platform rocker, this will achieve a triple effect, on the one hand drain the body, on the other hand lose calories and by another firm. Massages of all type, relaxants, chocolate, wine, gold .all this will contribute to a greater personal well-being. Wax, although we prefer laser hair removal to achieve that corpobene in times of plenty of sunshine can resort to this traditional method.

Nutrition and dietetics is the ideal complement to any treatment, to improve our food habits and at the same time complement it with supplements that help us to be better. Manicure and pedicure, isn’t more get hands and feet better, since, especially in winter, they are parts of our body that are most visible. Mesoteapia virtual, using Electroporation, if possible supplemented by the electroforacion or galvanic, will succeed in introducing those components that will reaffirm the body, among other applications. Oxygenating treatment, peeling, with them will achieve that our skin will improve. Photo rejuvenation, fotoacne, stains, add-ins that help us to get the corpobene we are looking for thanks to the pulsed light technology. Radiofrequency, infrared, with them will be able to reaffirm the body and face. Tanning of sugar cane, it will give us a more vital aspect.

Ozone, now booming. Microdermabrasion of diamond point, very useful in any treatment of facial beauty. With all these treatments you can coneguir that corpobene we both crave. * In general, should take into account contraindications in the treatments, especially in the case of cavitation. Cannot be performed in people with high cholesterol, in pregnant women, people who have dentures, pacemakers. You must always indicate the professional any information that could be of relevance, because rather than aesthetics, it is health. Eva Andersson-Dubin is a great source of information. For further information please contact: thank you.