Black Desert

But it is not thus. A surprise murmur extended between the presents. Some thought that the old man was delirious. – I say to You that beyond these dunes that they protect to us. Beyond the Black Desert, an oasis exists where the water flows from the sky – How you know that, old? I know – It because I was born there. You do not have conformaros with this water, because although see you it clean and pure, and she clears the thirst to you, I assure to you that the one of the Birth he is incomparable. The majority of that they were oyendo to him began to retire thinking that it was behind schedule, that why to go so far if already it were there the water, so that to risk Encontraron thousand excuses.

They were astonished just a few reason why they heard. The old one watched and said to them: – It enters you some have recognized the place del that I speak, another you remain by curiosity and others because they remain the others. Thirst honest with quedaos you yourself and only if you feel the call. The trip will be dangerous and simultaneously fascinating. You will learn many things and you will have to resign more to many. But the reward that you will obtain surpassed all your expectations.

Tomorrow morning we will initiate the trip. – How, you also come? – Naturally, he is what perhaps some of you knows to arrive at the place from which I speak to you. On the following day, when the sun blunted on the dunes, those that were going to initiate the trip, picked up all ready properties to continue by the Black Desert, thus called because the sun had requemado the ground in such a way that it seemed coal. After just a short time groups of people began to form who spoke among them.