Boat Maintenance: Gleaming In The Autumn

Modern universal boat cleaner eliminating all stockpiles of special funds and make room in the storage box in Monchengladbach, September 14, 2010. The autumn has its beautiful days – especially on the water. But while sailing a strong breeze and motor boat captains enjoy the deep Sun on deck, the vessel has been on most abundant summer dirt. With the proper care of the boat, the last trips of the year become a sparkling appearance. Contrary to popular belief, for each part of the boat, you need a special cleaner, three modern Universalpflegemittel is sufficient for “clear ship”. The hot summer has provided abundant algae growth on the underwater hull.

In the cockpit and deck lime, salt and flower pollen traces bear witness of the magnificence of the past few months. And during the refuelling, also the one or the other drops went diesel, gasoline and oil on the once shining plastic or mahogany deck. All exterior parts are with the nautic-line 4100 by NautiCare universal outdoor cleaner quickly and easily in the spring splendor revert. The Agent cleans and maintains plastic, vinyl, leather, wood, painted parts of the boat. Even glass, ceramic and metal as well as fender, planning and yellow stripes are clean.

At lightweight, large-area pollution the outdoor cleaner can be easily diluted with water. In case of strong contamination, as they can occur, for example, in the bilge or the fuselage as well as in the engine room, the leisure Captain attacks simply to the nautic-line universal cleaner forte. Even stand at a height and stains by covers Suntops and other boat covers can be so solved. Below the water line, seaweed, grass and other vegetation quickly release the views of the Board wall. The universal cleaner removes even rust and the inevitable gray contact marks on the fenders forte at lightning speed. NautiCare has developed an appropriate universal cleaner for the cabin and other inside bords-located rooms. Nautic-line 3600 shine vinyl and leather upholstery as well as wood and lnnenwande in the past. Due to its composition can This universal cleaners be used even in the bathroom and galley area, as well as to the maintenance of the carpets. The powerful trio of universal cleaner for all boaters NautiCare delivers mini including cleaning glove, Microfiber cloth and polishing sponge at the very special price of autumn now in the BootSystemReinigungsBOX. The practical set that should be part of any boat, helps each skipper to a brilliant climax in the nineteen 2010. The new website offers more skin care tips and a way to order:. NautiCare in Monchengladbach, description of the company is a specialist for boat paints and cleaning products for watercraft. NautiCare has a specialist for the paint area with the STOPPANI brand. The fouling of anti osmosis until to the topcoat NautiCare offers the complete program for yards, shops and boaters. With hundreds of different colours available up to special effect coatings. NautiCare offers its own brand of “CleanPower” in the field of cleaning and polishing. The foreign exchange is: less is more! With as few resources as possible many cleaning cover – that is the goal. Company contact: NautiCare GmbH & co. KG Molzberger Rudolf str. 10 F 41068 Monchengladbach Tel: 02161-636 23 50 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: press compact Bernd Edison Suhrenkamp 14E 22335 Hamburg Tel: 040 – 4128 5807 E-Mail: Web: