However, it has a part of this process that goes of infancy to the oldness that has its proper laws of functioning: the body biological. Our organism as a whole suffers the actions from the time: the vision goes if spoiling, the muscles do not answer to the agility of before, the heart need more effort to beat; the pulmes already do not possess the vigor that before allowed in them to run, at last, to the few age. The body goes feeling the limitations in each part. Some specialists say that the aging occurs when in we give account to them of these limitations and is basic that let us respect these signals that we go receiving. E, moreover, is important to change the attitudes in order not to compromise the natural process of the physical development. The force, the agility and the dexterity go, to each day, being more compromised. The brain sends a command, but the rhythm where this will be carried through very different when is compared with a young body.

Frequently, some aged ones need medical accompaniment to know more closely these limitations and to treat and/or to prevent proper illnesses of this etria band. Beyond physical patologias, the aged ones can develop mental upheavals, many concomitant times to the organic adoecimento. These are not exclusive of the oldness, but also they are common in this etria band and can be developed for diverse factors: a genetic predisposition, social, cultural and familiar factors. The isolation, the depression, the alterations of mood and the aggressiveness are some of the symptoms that denounce a psychic disequilibrium. But to age not necessarily means to adoecer. We perceive that, with scientific, technological advances e, mainly, the awareness and preparation for the oldness, very common in some cultures, can bring benefits that they in such a way reflect in the organic one, how much in the psychic one, favoring an acceptance and respect for the limits that the body imposes.