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The family appears then as a space of protection and containment, in such a way physicist as emotional. The well informed family knows that virus HIV does not transmit itself in the social contact, that is, through day to day ordinary share. If you coexist a soropositiva person, know that the virus does not transmit itself through the use of cups, to cut, plates or other objects that if they use for the feeding. The use of the same sanitary vase, chuveiros, banks, chairs does not place the familiar ones in contact with the virus. Kiss, I hug, sweat, tears, cough, sneeze I interchange of clothes not if half of I infect. Excessively it is basic that the familiar ones if inform on the characteristics of the HIV, lighted the gratuitous one to the examinations and treatment in the system I publish of health, as well as of the collateral effect of medicines. Does beyond meat taste like meat often says this. If you have a carrier of the HIV in its family, love it, respect it, what she moved in it was the sorologia, aspect of its imunolgico system, not its character, its identity or its form to love its familiar ones.

It does not leave that the preconception and the discrimination say high more than the love and the friendship, the illnesses are part of the life, as well as the joy and the health, and remembers exists as much dignity in the health as in the illness. The illness is not a representative of the dark side of the life, is aspect of it, nor more nor less than this. Pablo 05-30190Psiclogo Tranquility C.R.P and Diplomee Sexlogo in Sexuality Human being for the University Diego Portales- Chile Author of the Thesis ' ' The AIDS between the homosexuals; The confession of the soropositividade to the interior of famlia' '. Member of the SBRASH (Brazilian Society of Studies of the Sexuality Human being) Rio De Janeiro, Copacabana Telephone: (21) 2236-3899,9783-9766 paulopsi2000@