The pointers of monitoramento of the interventions in areas of occupations will have to be compared and to be analyzed in a space of time and after-interventions; the monitoramento pointers allow to evaluate the improvement in the quality of life when compared with the pointers before and after-intervention, being able to also compare them with the ones of other areas of occupations and with the ones of the region where this located the occupation area. The pointers of monitoramento of interventions in areas of occupations can be identificadosa to leave deestudos, being able serde general amplitude oudetalhado in accordance with the desired necessity or goals and or to be developed indicating for specific actions, therefore the objective of the use of these pointers is always to propitiate to the manager the monitoramento of the interventions and to standardize the same ones for use in areas of occupations that where interventions for the city had been made. It is important to establish which pointers will be monitored, which really are capable to reproduce the results of the interventions carried through for the public power, and which the readings that could be made through the monitoramento. Pointers of familiar income, escolaridade, health, of violence, depermanncia in the area of occupation, communitarian organization, are indicating of general amplitude that can bring general and detailed information that allows to the monitoramento of the occupation area and comparative models. The choice deindicadores of monitoramento of interventions in cited areas of occupations previously, demonstrates the lack of autonomy of the population for resolution of these problems, being necessary to the public intervention to minimize them. When we approach the question of the irregular occupations we confrot in them with areas you degrade, ambient damages and all problematic the social one of a significant parcel of Brazilian society e, we are speaking of misery, unemployment, illness, insalubridade, social disaggregation, hopelessness, incredulity.