Cancer of the Mouth

Cancer of mouth the mouth cancer is a denomination that includes the cancers of lip and verbal socket (mucous buccal, gengivas, hard palato, language and wooden floor of the mouth). The lip cancer is more frequent in white people, and registers bigger occurrence in the inferior lip in relation to the superior and most of the time it is caused by the extreme sun or cicarro, had the high temperature reached in the filter. The cancer in other mainly tabagistas regions of the mouth acomete and the risks increase when the tabagista is also alcoholic and it does not have an adjusted hygiene, it presents broken teeth or it makes one use prtese as partial set of teeth or badly adapted. The pricipal symptom of the mouth cancer is the appearance of wounds inside of the mouth, in the lips and the gengiva that do not heal and bleed easily, however has that to be intent with caroos or swells in bocheca, that it feels when passing the white or red language, spots in the language or other regions of the buccal socket, loss of sensitivity or dormncia in any region of the mouth, swell that hinders the adaptation of prteses you would teethe, in the cases most advanced one observes pain and presence of cervical linfadenomegalia (caroos in the neck) change in the voice and difficulty to speak or to swallow. The prevention for the appearance of the mouth cancer must be made in the following way: displayed people who are much time to the sun, must use labiais protectors, mainly in the inferior lip, since the position favors the biggest incidence of solar rays, inhabit eliminate it of the tobaccoism, since the tobacco is responsible for 85% of the cases of mouth cancer. To prevent extreme alcoholic beverage use, to follow a healthful diet, with vegetables and fruits, if to make set of teeth use or removable or very old desadaptadas prteses partial to change, to visit the dentist regularly, and to each 6 months to make the auto-examination that is carried through of the following form: – To wash the hands and the mouth, and if to make use of prteses remove them; – Of front for the mirror to observe the skin of the face and neck, and to all touch with the tips of the fingers the face; – To pull the inferior lip for low leaving visible the internal part and in the same way the superior lip; – To move away the cheek and to observe the internal part; – To observe with the finger all the gengiva, palato (sky of the mouth), base of the language and wooden floor of the mouth; – To examine the neck all and the contour chin. The treatment is changeable in agreement the patient, but generally it consists of a surgery followed for sessions of chemotherapy or x-ray. Dr. Luis Gustavo Camillo Axe