Center SLM

Generative fabrication techniques in the aerospace the additive layer manufacturing (ALM) process moves for the production of aircraft parts and components increasingly in the focus. The understanding for the characterization of metals, which go through such procedures at an early stage is the success factor for the successful implementation of ALM in this industry. EADS innovation works is further expanding its research capacity in the area of pasture and has made a cooperation agreement with SLM solutions. EADS uses in the future a SLM 125 HL innovation works in his laboratory in Ottobrunn to explore the characterization of metal over a full range of alloys. SLM solutions provides EADS innovation works a facility and is supported in the framework of cooperation of EADS innovation works SLM in the field of research and development. The SLM 125 HL uses the laser-powder-bed technology applications for ALM, and is well adapted for use in research. The construction Chamber is for the creation of test samples laid out. The size, 125 mm in each direction, with the possibility to reduce the size to 50 mm.

“this plant is perfect for material research. She is complementary to the other Alpine machines within the EADS innovation works in Filton, United Kingdom, which are equipped with larger building Chambers for real-world applications and larger components,”said Katja Schmidtke, research engineer of EADS innovation works ‘ technical capability Center 2 (TCC 2) for metal technology and surface technology. Saifullah said that currently only few metallic alloys for additive layer manufacturing meet the desired characteristics from the perspective of EADS innovation works. The cooperation with SLM solutions provides valuable research opportunities. In addition to the further exploration of familiar powder on the basis of aluminium, titanium and nickel alloys, new materials like INVAR or Platinum and other metal alloys are explored. Hans J. Ihde, CEO of SLM Solutions GmbH, looks like the efforts SLM solutions confirmed: we are since many years pioneer and technology leader in the area of pasture plants and invest in the research and development of equipment and materials.