Chlorine Water

Valley to remember, that everything that, is not fruit only of ours physiological necessities and yes, of a wild consumerism that produces, beyond one accumulated imensurvel one of garbage, produce solid and liquid residues that we do not know as consumiz them and with this who for are the nature. ' ' If it cannot work in a sewer without smelling esgoto' '. (Jan-Baptiste Poquelin) This work, being fruit of the project ' ' Pollution of guas' ' , it had three stages: the first one in the Stream of the Traras, second in the Station of Water Treatment and third, to the edges of the River of the Deaths. With regard to second stage, in Waters of Spring, it was in presented all the process for which the water passes, since its arrival of the captation until the end. Where the same one is ready to be supplied the population. There, we had the accompaniment and explanation of the process, Mr. Alexander, which showed the moment to us where, they are placed aluminum Sulphate, that produces the flocculation of dirts contained in the water; Whitewash Hidratada, responsible for control of the acidity of the water; the Fluorine, responsible for the protection of teeth against carieses and finally the Chlorine, responsible to eliminate the bacteria and protozorios.

The process of flocculation, provoked for the use of Aluminum Sulphate, makes with that all the existing solid dirt in the water, comes if to join, forming flakes and thus, consequentemente, acquiring weight and going for the deep one, where the dirt is accumulated all. After the decantation process, the water passes for the filtration process, where the filters are composites for three elements: sand, coal and rock, remembering that they are proper special elements and for this end. Giving to sequence the activities of the project, we direct ourselves until the River of the Deaths, where, beyond appreciating the beautiful landscape formed for the river, we explanamos to the pupils on the action of the man in the nature, identifying the marks left for the presence human being. Beyond the pollution left for the man, it was possible to show that in the neighborhoods of the edges River of the Deaths, it has plantation of soy farming, maize and sorgo and with this, also has the extreme use of insecticide and herbicida. Remembering that this, with the action of rains, these products possibly penetrate until the fretico sheet, beyond enxurradaque had the declivity of the land, it takes the residues for the river In short poluindo the waters, the field lesson was interesting, where the pupils had been able to see in lease, some concepts worked in classroom. They follow the too much photos: Gratefulness: Directive team of the school, for the support; Secretariat of Workmanships: for the Transport. Body of Fireman: accompaniment Secretariat of Education ' ' The consumerism and the ambition are factors that make with that the nature if saddens, taking to the chaos and the phenomenon desastrosos' ' (Mazzetto) the Theory of the Chaos for the physics and the mathematics is the hypothesis that explains the functioning of complex and dynamic systems. In complex dynamic systems, determined resulted they can be ' ' instveis' ' in what it says respect to the evolution weather as function of its parameters and 0 variable. This means that certain definitive results are caused by the action and the interaction of elements of practically random form. ()