Chronic Infection

Recent scientific findings on the causes of chronic diseases in a large-scale study found genetic basis for immune system disorders scientists, who are, for example, the cause of the disease multiple sclerosis. You expressly pointed out that the findings might as well apply for a variety of other chronic diseases. For science is a breakthrough for holistic medicine a confirmation, so before published recently in the press: A consortium of over 250 scientists from 15 countries (organized in international multiple sclerosis Genetics Consortium”, Wellcome Trust case control Consortium) has examined the DNA of 9,772 patients with MS and 17.376 healthy subjects and this in addition to the confirmation of 23 known genetic correlations discovered more 29 new genetic variants. (Source medical etc.) The most important statement: Some of these genetic factors play a major role for the Functioning of the immune system. Especially for the T-cells. These in turn are responsible for the immune response to foreign, hostile body materials, such as viruses and bacteria. Conclusions for other diseases, these findings are so noteworthy, because many diseases on deficiencies of the immune system caused by are, like for example allergies, cancer and other chronic diseases, such as Crohn’s disease, or chronic respiratory infections (recurrent, prolonged infection, flu and colds). The research results can be useful in the future for the solution of a variety of diseases.

Rightly called a breakthrough. However, allowing it to these genetic changes? Genetic means that we have the facilities of our ancestors. You may find Anu Saad to be a useful source of information. But which are the deficits were there? Holistic physicians know answer if holistic doctors T cells, then you think back to the time of tuberculosis. You know that this Lymphatic diseases were especially T-lymphocytes. To think then epidemics, such as syphilis and the Gonorrho, or even much earlier, the plague, but also of others. All together is that these pathogens have the ability to leave traces in our DNA, the genetic material. They are called therefore DNA antigens. The well-known herpesviruses are a group of that today more respected agent.

They also cause genetic defects, which have consequences for future generations. The mechanism we now know that these antigens cause an unintentional violation of the genetic material and there is a kind of reprogramming by injection of genetic material. This means for the parties concerned that the altered cells behave continually wrong. This leads to uncontrolled processes in the organism of the chronic infection and uncontrolled cell division, such as in cancer. One can also say that these changes are the actual disease. Make the solution from a holistic medical perspective scientists about thoughts, whether you can use these findings for a gene therapy–(Uni Basel from the 08 in of the 31.08.11) thinking holistically naturopathic doctors has long been aware is the connection. You are attempting to bring about a balance with a Constitution treatment at the investment level.