Cinnamon, A Spice With Added Value

And the cinnamon is one of the oldest spices of humanity not only to the advent and Christmas season. It was highly sought after in the old Egypt, not only to flavour food. The fragrant oils had been lovers. Still not as old, however, is the realization that extracts of cinnamon have positive effects on areas of metabolism. This is important, because many people are are looking for mild and gentle alternatives from nature to the prevention and treatment of diseases. Has been shown in various studies so far that cinnamon extracts successfully nutritionally can be used to lower blood sugar in people with diabetes. The question is whether this also applies to people with an increased risk of disease, but not yet fully broken out diabetes. Can cinnamon extract be eaten so preventive? It is clear now that cinnamon and cinnamon extract can regulate in diabetics in the sugar and fat metabolism.

Studies that have examined this nutritional approach to diabetic patients, show that cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels after a meal and also the fasting blood sugar. However, the interference with the metabolism is rather than moderate and gentle call. Cinnamon therefore falls into the category of soft natural substances, which can be usually substitute for standard treatments of diabetes type II. Cinnamon is suitable as a complement to the standard of care, as also requested by many stakeholders and doctors. Prevention is another chapter. This is about people with risk factors for diabetes, such as being overweight or slightly elevated blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In these people, a nutritional study demonstrated that cinnamon extract able is the fasting blood sugar levels and reduce in addition to affect oxidative stress. From these results, the researchers conclude that cinnamon extract can reduce risk factors that can lead to diabetes and even heart disease. We recommend therefore people with overweight and easily elevated blood levels, so people with pre-diabetes, preventive to use the gentle forces of nature, to reduce your risk of diabetes.