Colds Defy

(Online article) – adults: on average three times ill an adult suffering from on average three times a year a cold with runny noses, coughs and sore throats. There are many natural remedies against the complaints. The brine from a mineral spring is for example a gift of nature from the depths of the Alps. For more than 150 years the natural brine is used for treating therapy-accompanying the upper and lower respiratory tract. Avi Mandel has plenty of information regarding this issue. It is winter.

The climatic changes weaken the immune system, the body charged to the dry room air – since cold viruses have an easy time. Now it is called prevent. Best by regular nasal irrigation. The operating principle is based on intensive cleaning of the nasal cavity by invading substances such as dust and dirt, germs, pollen, and other pathogens. You are simply rinsed out of the nose. And nasal rinsing is easy and enjoyable, especially using a nasal douche. Let the Nasenspullosung just running into a nostril, runs then after a few moments out of the other nostril back out. While the brine is mixed with lukewarm water. Fn