Nonprescription laxatives represent one of the largest markets for consumers in the United States. Some of these medicines contain natural products but a large number have chemicals such as active ingredients. In 1996 the FDA suggested to several companies that perform safety studies to find out whether the ingredients were harmful to human beings after that the same agency discovered negative side effects in animals. Animal studies were conducted in mice, so as usual with several safety studies. A high amount of harmful chemical was used it was given to the mouse and the negative effects are recorded after a while. Of course, to see these effects laboratories had to score double in quantity given to a human being.

Although this step, side effects is still concerned about several people taking medication for the estrenimento. More than 40 laxatives, medicated without a prescription, which have more of one of these chemicals, which are part of the FDA warning: senna, aloe, bisacodyl, phenolphthalein, and the sacred shell. For the moment, the senna, bisacodyl and continue to be promoted as a laxative products when phenolphthalein aloe and the sacred shell have been declared to be too dangerous. The result of this, several people have turned the cheek toward natural laxatives. Plum juice is a treatment for constipation well-known among many people that does not contain chemicals. The prune juice contains a high concentration of fiber which is good for helping with bowel movements and sorbitol which is excellent for the absorption of water into the stool.

Plums are several recipes homemade for constipation. For all people looking for other natural resources to relieve your digestive problems, some options without a prescription are available. One of first things that a doctor may recommend doing is increasing the intake of fiber. (If you suffer from constipation during pregnancy, please consult your doctor) Such treatment strategy is to eat a lot of typical foods that they are high in fiber or taking nutritional supplements containing fiber. There are people who judge the effort to eat more foods with fiber be excessive. You can try cleaners based on oxygen to release the intestine of all that fecal matter compacted into the colon. When it comes to constipation, there is not as testing a supplement that rinses and does not weaken the digestive system.