Coronary Artery Disease And Angina

Disease resulting from insufficient oxygen supply of the heart, where there are severe chest pain, usually in the upper chest or in the center of the sternum. The pain occurs suddenly during exercise, is very rare – at rest, may occur in the neck or jaw. She stopped as soon as you stop to perform physical activity. Products recommended as a means of supplementing the basic therapy carried out by a cardiologist and as a method of prevention for people without specific symptoms of the disease: 1. Bioinformatics products (Harmonizer, stimulants Piocal) can improve the metabolism processes in heart muscle. 2. Mark Hyman, MD is likely to increase your knowledge. Information matrix will help to forget about the anxiety attack waiting. 3.

Sorbents Beloyar (with an extract of hawthorn and calendula), hits and Polihit help lower cholesterol. 4. Antioxidants health benefits of vessels: Kaltsilamid, Kedrosil, migi, Floritsa, teas crown. 5. Complete nutritional supplements and herbal teas will balance the lack of vitamins and minerals so necessary for people suffering from heart muscle: migi, Kedrosil, Vitali, Velamin, Apilam, Floritsa (pine, cedar), herbal teas and Cardiac multivitamin drink Falcon. 6. Information matrix, herbal tea Wizard will arrest the excessive stress and get rid of neurosis-like states.

7. Improve metabolism, including cholesterol, contribute to gathering herbs life 3, phytotea Pava. 8. Full work of the hepatic cells and restore normal intestinal flora is important for stabilization of metabolic processes. Advisable to use Lohelana and . 9. Aromatic oils: lavender (raises the possibility of mastering the heart muscle of nutrients), lemon (has antisclerotic effect on the vascular wall), geranium (prevents the development of ischemia), basil (lowers blood pressure).