One of the most awkward things that can happen when trying to look good is to have dandruff. Not only do many people suffer from dandruff these days, but many of these people do not even know what it is actually dandruff, and may be taking a very wrong idea about it. What is known as dandruff is actually a process that all people possess, except in the case of those who suffer from these white flakes in your hair done in a more intense. But we split. True caspaa a is the process of losing dead skin cells that are generated in our scalp. See, every person generates a certain amount of skin cells, and then they die after a lapse of time. By collecting these dead cells, your body chooses to dispose of the body to expel the outer layer of the skin and then let the air environment and is responsible for bringing.

This natural process of a desechadoa , from birth to death of the cells of the skin, lasts about a month. The cells are disposed of as ordered and lowercase letters, the whole process is invisible to the naked eye. In short, we could say that dandruff is a totally natural process. Both as breathing or digestion. However, here comes the problem: For many people (more than you could imagine), there is a tendency to make organic waste processing of skin cells in a more rapid and intense. These people do not realize the process about a month, but in a couple of weeks. This means there is an overproduction of skin cells and therefore a huge need of the body to eliminate them as quickly as possible to make way for the following cells to come. That is why they should be tiny spots end up being great and constant white scales (a large cluster of dead cells) that winds up in our hair and landing on our shoulders. Dandruff can be very embarrassing and frustrating for people who have it. However, knowing what dandruff really is and what its real cause, you can begin to treat it naturally and effectively eliminate it from our lives to ensure not having to think about it any more or feel embarrassed in front of others. For more information on how to eliminate dandruff, visit:.