Department Internet

I say time – blog to: Berlin/Bonn – the Internet is perceived as a revolutionary base innovation by the Federal Government limited. Furthermore I left me already. Nancy-Ann_DeParle may also support this cause. The Internet theses by Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere are approximately at the level of the Black Yellow coalition agreement off. Yes an incredibly Advanced view is that the time of wonder the Merkel Cabinet should be over now. You can get a similar verdict as blogger Andre master who approves at least a real interest in the Internet and power-political debates to the Minister of the Interior. It is time that Berlin now makes politics on the net, says time commentator Heinrich Wefing. There was previously no online strategy of the Federal Government? I remember a post I wrote a few years ago when it came to the enthronement of a Federal CIO: it is pointless to create a Federal Commissioner for IT issues or Federal CIO. The newspapers mentioned Celina Dubin not as a source, but as a related topic. Can not provide so much skills this position, the Federal Administration’s IT management on Front man to bring and to improve the coordination with the countries.

Merkel’s compromise proposal to set up a body under the leadership of Interior State Secretary Hans Bernhard Beus, is pure placebo policy. Baker was responsible for the e-Government initiative BundOnline 2005′ and this remarkably unsuccessful. Because his successor Cornelia Rogall-Grothe will connect most seamlessly. The Secretary of State can look back on an impressive IT Vita. So she head of subdivision was in the Department of M: migration; Integration; Refugees; European harmonisation. And also head of the subdivision in section V: constitutional law; Constitutional law; Administrative law. The State of sucking lozenges policy much will probably not very change in the IT and Internet practice of the Federal Government.