District Police

THE technical CHARITO by: Henry Hugo Muller Solon Colonel PNP lawyer I am referring to the national police of Peru Charo Rafael Lujan SOT2; for the residents of the District of Florencia de Mora and neighborhood joints of citizen security (JUVESC) in Trujillo PERU, the technical Charito, an example of a woman with many police and personal virtues that in these times of crisis is necessary to highlight, because its transmitting dynamism and constant before what perseverance seems physically impossible to achieve, they have made such projects as the factory of brooms that were started from scratch and without resources, has become a beautiful reality, in where young that they were at risk and moral hazard and material, some integrating gang or under the influence of pernicious groups now use their energy and productive force in work activities, learning a trade, making brooms, helping to commercialize them, to manage their profits and to lead a life decorous, within an environment of healthy coexistence, with values and solidarity, i.e. it has done and continues to do work in Trujillo. I met in Trujillo to the technical Charito makes approximately six years and met her working with children, young people and with the JUVESC, always in the surrounding districts, always walking, smiling, chatting with neighbors, solving problems, coordinating with the authorities the necessary support to the people who needed it, met her as a proactive police, but lonely and without recognition or support needed from the police command. By creating the community police of Trujillo the year 2003, I had no doubts in convene it for inclusion in this system of work and under his leadership, impulse and personal characteristics, doubled the achievements in the sector where it was assigned. The technical Charito managed to consolidate itself and carried out, and today represents in Trujillo with his work the true paradigm police of the 21st century: the community police, the proactive police; She does not It is a police, despite the fact that it has not been promoted by the work carried out, despite the fact that does not receive a special bonus by his dedication to work, she is honored daily by the population, samples of gratitude and affection to his person are not expected and Charito women feels more happier world. She continues to successfully lead several projects of Social prevention and among them the brooms factory converted into a micro enterprise, that little by little is achieving greater support on the part of the trujillana community. Beneficiaries, not only learn a trade, also is helping to complete their studies, to study a technical career, some want to be professionals and others also want to be like her police.