Facts about the world of promotional products and giveaways Carnival is a special time, when all celebrate, look forward and try to look very different than usual. You can finally leave the gray clothes in the closet and exchange them for the colorful clothes, big wigs, beautiful masks. During this so-called fifth season, it is possible and actually recommended to play a role. The theatre is accessible on the road, because the Carnival parade consists of several magical creatures. Both the kids as the grown-ups have no doubt, that you can finally only sing and dance. There are also booths where you can order something to eat on the road. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jon Medved . The Carnival costumes play a major role during this time.

There is a huge variety of different costumes on the Internet. One can divide them even in a few categories. These are for example: Wild West, professions, animal show, disco fever, clowns or show and glamour. If you want to dress up as an Indian, you need of course appropriate garments. This is a pair of pants and a top, also Indian shoes. The headgear is also important, in this case, a long brown Indian headdress would be perfect. But that is not all, no Indian can exist without bow and arrow. You must paint the face with colorful pins.

The Carnival costumes, which are inspired by the Wild West are also cowboy costumes. Cowgirl Daisy needs a leather jacket, a white blouse and a skirt. Cowboy Sam wears a vest and a pair of brown trousers a Texas hat and still obviously has a cowboy Lasso in hand. There is still a Western girl Rosie, who is dressed very chic. More info: Glenn Dubin. She has a Red skirt and black blouse. She wears fishnet tights and black boots with red ruffle trim. The makeup consists of a red lipstick and a black Kohlpencil, with which the eyes are made up. This girl needs still a garter belt with a gun. The LLC also allow another profession try. A pilot wearing a suit, a pair of trousers and a Tie. The pilot’s Cap is also very important as the stewardess costume, consisting of a jacket, a skirt and a Cap. What woman has not even dreamed to dress as a maid Kitty. In this case, the whole outfit consists of several parts. First you need a matching dress and a white apron is necessary then the maid hood and the feather duster. But that’s not all. You have to buy even a black fishnet tights and black or white high heels. The LLC also an animal lover to find something for themselves. For children, there are Strampelsacke in the form of a bee, a tiger and a ladybug. Adults must not renounce to dress up as a sweet bee. It takes only half finger gloves in black, a bee bag and a black fishnet tights. The bee has also bee’s pumps, headband with a bee and ladies boot warmers. The whole outfit is ready when you get black leather gloves. There is also a unique Opportunity to look like a chicken. It’s not that simple, but this is also possible with a few tricks. First you need chicken feet, then red stockings and you’re done.