Elegance Fascination Horse

The top event of equestrian sport in Bavaria on pferdefernsehen.eu the team of the Furth Web TV is again also the 15th edition of the high-profile event in Nuremberg, to capture the most beautiful scenes from show and sports in the film. Last year, over 100,000 spectators watched the films of the show and the tournaments on pferdefernsehen.eu. From 28th to November 2 2008 the fair held in Nuremberg francs Hall fascination horse, who will celebrate this year their 15th anniversary. It is one the most important events around the horse in Bavaria. See pferdefernsehen.eu, section show and entertainment and dressage and jumping are the highlights of the last two years to see. Horses of various breeds presented themselves to the photographer already on October 8 at the Duzendteich at a press conference. The Afag team and the hosts, Bruno Six and Wolfgang Kuhlechner comprehensively informed about this year’s program. Great sport, two evening shows with Grand Prix freestyle on Saturday night and a daily programme of carriage about breeds, Western Horseback riding and show.

The daily program of the tournament action with a top-class international field is involved. Editorial information: local to the Printis media group from Furth. Read more here: Nancy-Ann DeParle. Printis is specialized in the field of equestrian and maintains an equestrian news service various Internet platforms, an Internet TV, a Cambridge and media cooperation with print media from the riding. The Agency of Printis equestrian PR provides editorial information. More info can be found listed on and the photos of the press conference are available at pferdefernsehen.eu for fee-free. Pictures for free download under: mainnavi/filme/faszination-pferd.html all images: Agency of Printis equestrian PR