Heads who do not know to suitably manage their emotions, for example their rage, and often explodes and with relative facility, they can generate the anxiety of the workers that they have to his position, which, irrefutably, ends up repelling in the commercial results of the company that they administer. The main existing difference between emotionally intelligent superiors or leaders and those others that are not it, is not that those have more technical abilities, more knowledge, better academic curriculum, or major intellectual coefficient; the difference, it is the way in which manage his emotions and the relations, their capacity to empatizar with their workers, to motivate the group, to perseverar in the work, and mainly are heads who articulate all the values shared by the group, with the aim of which their members find a meaning to their work, since to find it is the main protection factor of stress and its symptoms. In this respect we indicated that the survey to that we have made reference previously, indicates that 28% of the workers say to have affected their health by stress and more of a 6% by the depression and the insomnia. All that one is what it really makes heads stars. Reason why, when a head is emotionally intelligent, it spends more time to know better the workers, to establish harmonious relations between its employees and to cooperate with them. A leader who optimizes his resources, makes his decisions considering the greater number of points of view (what he does not mean to resign to the inherent authority to his position), since the resulting decision will have an effective impact much more. An emotionally intelligent head knows humility Culturally, we associated the workings of the heads, to the bad character and directive strategies based on I order and control, and thus often we faced narcisistas heads who seem to feel generally dear and flattered by the world, and whose main disadvantage of being a worker to its orders, could be the great amount of offenses that you must support due to its loathsome and inconsistent character. Better not to describe as it acts the days that do not feel flattered by their universal individual. By all this, to anybody more than to a leader him a correct management of its emotions can be asked.