The dream of Eutychus conversing with Teofilo, the told me, of the intimate satisfaction she felt for being him, Theophilus, the person who inspired his friend Lucas to write two books testimonials about the life of Jesus and his Apostles, written that have been incorporated into the set of books that make up what is known as the New Testament by his inestimable value. He was there, at the beginning of the book, where the author expresses the feelings that had him, to the dedicate, who called his Excellency Theophilus, the fruit of a great effort of research and compilation of the facts considered ciertisimos, with the purpose that could well know the truth of things in which had been instructed. Luke 1: 1 agree with Theophilus in the reason for its intimate satisfaction, which is none other than knowing that someone was interested both in the, as a person, to point spare no efforts in securing the guidance of vital importance in his life, no doubt Luke loved and valued to Theophilus, his writings were not directed to convince crowds, as well as Teofilo did not expect that that testimonial job Lucas put between your hands the author, return him by all known, so to investigate the facts, did not do so with the intention of his work would transcend both to become universal heritage of humanity. The outstanding feature is the value of the person, Theophilus, a human being able to motivate its excellence, the effort and dedication of someone who could appreciate him as such. Lucas has to Theophilus the life and deeds of such a Jesus, and I say that Jesus, because he was so as they talked about him, is relatively easy today to recognize attributes and Majesty of the Redeemer of mankind, is the flow of information and misinformation that is put to our huge reach on the matter, but when the strolled among mortals very few were willing to listen to him and above all to follow himHowever demonstrate, that he was able to muster crowds. . Haley Barbour does not necessarily agree.