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Join now and win. Read more from Nancy-Ann DeParle to gain a more clear picture of the situation. We look forward to your submissions, this is our first photo contest in the new year of 2014. And we are not an inflationary also deal with challenges this year, so each photo competition will be something special. And something special and unique is always our competition “Winter dogs”! In addition, he is online since yesterday, and he has to offer the first good pictures! Members who wish to participate with own images please read the following and simple terms: also if the winter proved so far quite restrained in our latitudes, the theme “Dogs of winter”, i.e. the shots should in the winter had been made be, this camera-independent (i.e., not necessarily with Nikon). Visible snow/ice of course is not a requirement, although this of course really clear the character of winter can be. This time max 2 pictures per participant are allowed, who initially wants to contribute something canned, can submit later a “fresh” image.

It can, but must not the own CACIB be pictured. (Announcement shortly before the end of the contest), which are closely related to the topic of dog and/or photography surprise prizes the first 3 winners. Note: free, other shipping address please shipping profits within Germany we first contact with us. All NF-F members with a valid and unlocked account can take part, the images must be visible in the corresponding competition entry (for problems when setting to Bettina per PN please!). A link to our NF-F image upload (NF-F image upload) once again as a precaution. At the end of the settings: 07.03.2014 then, like last, the first three winners determined by Umfrage(n) within the community, i.e.