Federative Republic

The parents are many who follow the growth of its children with necessities special with true enthusiasm, even so always exist a deep one of concern. Still according to same authors, some parents affirm that small advances live with intensity, valuing the effort of its son to learn and to surpass its difficulties. The family is one of the primary groups of our society, where the human being lives and if it develops. In this familiar interaction, one precociously configures the personality with its social, ethical, moral characteristics and civil court jurisdiction. (KNOBEL, apud VOIVODIC and STORER, 2002, p38). 3.1 The social relations and the rights of the young with SD the equality idea if ties closely with the one of democracy. It cannot be reduced to a physical fact, so to speak.

One is about a cultural understanding that if bases on the intuition of that all the human beings have a condition in common: all human being, they withhold certain potentialities and they must be dealt with dignity and way to stimulate the expression of these potentialities. The equality is established in the altruism, and not in the egoism, that is, solidarity exists, therefore the human beings are capable to enxergar the other and its differences (QUARESMA, 2002). The equality, differently of the freedom, is eminently relative concept. A person alone is equal (or different) will have another one to be compared with it. Nobody is absolutely equal or different, only relatively. The equality estimates the existence of the other, its recognition while person, while human being.

We can affirm, therefore, that the beginning of the equality closely it is tied with the solidarity idea; accurately in this direction it made use the Federal Constitution of 1988. When saying, in its art. 3, I that is objective basic of the Federative Republic of Brazil the construction of a free society, solidary joust and, understands that in justice and solidarity if they find the estimated ones to accomplish the equality, that will be mentioned in the caption of art.