Finland Bath

A nice Finnish proverb teaches us – 'steam can anyone who is able to walk to the sauna. " Sauna – the best drug of all ills – they say. In the sauna, the temperature reaches 120 degrees or more and humidity only 15%. Still, there are people who do not fit a sauna because of the large temperature difference in a regular room and a steam room. For the unprepared it's hard, especially because doctors do not recommend the sauna for those who are not accustomed to them with youth. The easiest is by the action of the Turkish bath – the temperature just above 40 degrees, but humidity is 95%. Once you pass the threshold of a Turkish bath, you will be covered later, but the big heat, as it were, and no.

This low heat is suitable for all lovers of heat treatments. Mark Hyman has plenty of information regarding this issue. Unless, of course, no different contraindications. Pair of Turkish baths like a marble hall of the museum, in this place you can sit or lie down, so the steam coming out of the numerous cracks of the walls and ceiling throughout the room making a homogeneous atmosphere. In contrast to the Russian bath and Finnish sauna, where the temperature variation from floor to top is more than 20 degrees. It is clear that popular even Turkish baths with the wonderful massage.

But our forefathers knew nothing of the Turkish steam bath or Finnish sauna. But the beauty and longevity of Russian women, who admired throughout this century who came to Russia. In Russia there is no sauna every second resident in Finland. But the Russian bath pochetanie exists in Russia, an unusually long time. Age-old Russian banya is prepared carefully: wash the floor – room must be ventilated and clean, so heat was light and soft. In the Russian bath in the usual temperature of 60-70 degrees, humidity is almost 80%. To create a spirit in the pair used a combination of herbs: coriander, eucalyptus, fir, pine needles and peppermint. This is extremely useful for lung and bronchus. Steam in a Russian bath can be lying down or sitting. Taken to cover his head with a towel or a special hat, the hair does not dry up and become brittle. The initial visit to the steam room warm-up should last no more than five minutes. At this time, pungent leaves and very dirty pot. In subsequent times you can lie down and sit in the steam room before the initial symptoms of fatigue. Bath connoisseurs go to steam for 2 hours at least five times, but a beginning for a man this time will be enough and two. After every visit to the pair would be good to take a cool shower, or swim in a cold pool. Contrasting procedures are very important for skin and general condition of the body. Unusually cool it in cold weather, when you want to keep the resistance and immunity catarrhal infections.