Florida State University

I am also the editor in chief of a series of four books published by McGraw Hill in the power of food and nutrients to promote health and protection against disease. Over the years, I have come to be widely recognized as an expert in health and nutrition, and what it takes to live a long life challenging, active and age. But I did not start to become an expert in natural health. I was going to be a doctor. However, the emergency was hit in front of my own personal health of my faith in "modern" medicine. An old doctor of five years. .

. And a very disappointed Pre-Med Student This goes back a few years – Actually 28 years – the day I got a Fisher Price kit from the toy store. I immediately began to check the temperature of my parents. . . monitor vital signs of my sister.

. . and diagnose the different "diseases." And since that day, my goal was to become a doctor. Never let go of that dream. And 14 years later, I was enrolled in the pre-med program at Florida State University – with a major in biology and chemistry. But it was not long before I realized I had a dark side of medicine. . . . For all my life I had been very healthy. I never had more than the occasional cold and I always had a very high level of energy. As a teenager, I danced ballet every day, participated in dozens of competitions, and was a college cheerleader and gymnast.