George Washington

Under the baton of correction policy, biggest heroes, soldiers, scientists, explorers, statesmen, from Cristobal Colon to George Washington, are under the magnifying glass of historical revisionism, suffering a savage attack, which qualifies them as racist, genocidal, and exploiters of native peoples. Atheists have begun an anti-God campaign, which is becoming a religion of fanatics. The indifference to religious values in the West is the primary cause of the death of their peoples and cultures. Where faith dies, die people. A new partnership between nihilist and atheist is emerging, totaling 1.1 billion acolytes nor nothing comes or not going to that. Secular humanism is the religion of cultural elites, and progressive clerics, seeking to ingratiate himself with them, denigrate the Judeo-Christian heritage to move away from its moral foundations, neglecting their survival, by not knowing how to confront the Islamist enemy that taking advantage of the vacuum spiritual and existential Western, it seizes less lucid minds. The pleasure without limits which promotes secular society, leads to permanent, to degenerate into the Roman circus dissatisfaction, where brutality, blood, and death, cause euphoria, until that also bored. Today the best show is grotesque realism.

We are living the extremism led to the limit. The explosion of adrenaline is the drug of the moment, and there is nothing that raise it higher than the risk of death. War and terrorism, are becoming the fashion entertainment for Westerners who have everything, and for Muslims who have nothing. We went to the terrifying sci-fi space, where deniers of God, leftists and Muslims, religious fanatics are on the same side. The first seeking pleasure in this world, and second in the other.