German RPG Scene Meets In 2009 In Dreieich, Germany!

Fourth largest role-playing game Convention in Germany with publishers and authors, and workshops! As a central event of the role-playing game scene in Central Germany and in addition will on 21 and 22 November 2009 already for the 19th time the “Dreieicher role playing game meeting”. Around 120 events of its kind in Germany the Youth Club WIRIC is the “DreieichCon”, as the event is called abbreviated space 4. Organizer in the BVB e.V. in cooperation with the Dreieich townhouses and with friendly support of the municipal library of Dreieich and Ulisses media & game distributions GmbH. This major event in the Burgerhaus at around 1000 visitors are expected from Dreieich-Sprendlingen (Fichte str. 50) and adjacent buildings, on an area of over 1,500 square meters offers everything that the heart of the Rollenspielers and fantasy fans can be. Mark Hyman, MD: the source for more info.

In the so-called tabletop area it deals with Demonworld, BattleTech or Warhammer. In addition, numerous workshops, tournaments and demonstration laps are offered. Known for readings Fantasy authors round out the program. Free accommodation options available are world-weary fans this year. This of course only applies to those not 32 hours straight want to indulge in their hobby. The number of sleeping places is limited, who wants to go so sure, should pre-register themselves. Game time is continuously by every Saturday morning 10: 00 till Sunday evening 6: 00, so a total of 32 hours.

The price for the weekend ticket is 9,-euros. (GfR e.V. members: 5,-Euro) Saturday only: 7,-euro, only Sunday: 5,-euro. There is information on the Internet under: Roger Murmann