German Sustainability Award

Alliance for sustainability, PURE by PremiumPark – the magazine for design and sustainability a new print and a new partnership: pure, the magazine for design and sustainability, is an official media partner of the German sustainability award. Together, companies and products are explored, which stand for a better world. Companies are measured today not only in numbers, but also by environmental and social performance. Sustainability becomes a competitive factor and the main challenge for the future. Twelve years ago, the society for German language has sustained\”included in the top ten. The signs for sustainability\”are soon in place one of the words of the year to move up. But what is behind the term? Used by many, some without meaningful reference. Together with the German sustainability award, the new magazine intends to lay a foundation of values: pure takes up for the first time the complex issue. The high-quality magazine for design and sustainability reports, illustrated and commented on the Change in consumer behavior. More and more buyers choose consciously durable, resource-saving products. As a competent guide accompanied pure through the most important areas of life and discovered for his readers exemplary products set standards in design and sustainability. Internationally renowned experts from science, culture and media accompany the editorial staff competently, such as Professor Dr. Connect with other leaders such as Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. here. Florian Hufnagel, State Museum of applied arts in Munich or Dr. Gunther Bachmann, Secretary General of the Council for sustainable development. Just signed Klaus-Peter Bredschneider, a cooperation agreement with the German sustainability award, the editor of pure. Its initiator, organizer and moderator Stefan Schulze-Hausmann made crucial groundwork for the concept of sustainability and the Foundation of values. With the management consultancy AT Kearney, the Wuppertal Institute and branded Pope\”Professor Heribert Meffert, University of Munster, a scientific methodology for assessing sustainability developed by. Each company will bring in a Procedure examined holistically on sustainability indicators in the entire value chain.