Period of birth and after-birth: In hypothesis some to always leave to be being acompanhadapelo doctor obstetra and pediatra, being demanded the tests of birth (APGAR) and test of (PEZINHO). Odontolgicos cares Alterations in the organism of the future mother can premake use aoaparecimento of dental and gengivais problems. Some consideraes concerning the cares they odontolgicosdevem to be pointed out had the biggest buccal acidity proceeding from the nauseas queconseqentemente lead to a bigger degradation of the dental enamel. The increase daingesto of foods in lesser space of time and the changes of hbitosalimentares, allies to the reduction of the cares with the buccal hygienic cleaning devidoat exactly to stress and nausea are points that must be observed peloprofissional and for the proper gestante. Although stories (myths) that the gestante cannot odontolgico recebertratamento, that is an affirmation that is not excellent, seen porqueem any gestacional age can exist treatment, even so the segundotrimestre (between 4 and 6 month), either the moment most opportune for seencontrar in a period of bigger stability for a intervenoodontolgica. Contraindications of treatment and simdesinformao of the proper professional and the patients do not exist who many times prevent otratamento due eventual problems that can happen being that primeiracoisa that they would think is: I was to the dentist and happened the problem in the minhagestao! In practical of odontolgico treatment the patients special (Gestantes), we must follow some precautions that will be explained to follow: Primeiro trimester must be prevented dares of medicines and radiogrficas expositions, therefore the baby still estse forming, saved exceptions of extreme necessity as infections or outrascausas of diverse etiologies; ‘ ‘ The lead apron will have to be used to emqualquer phase gestacional’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Although it is obligation the use of lead apron, we only decide to point out of its necessity, as much in patients gestantescomo normotpicos’ ‘ Segundo trimester (between 4 and 6 month) is opportune omomento for odontolgica intervention, for if finding in one perodode bigger stability of the gestation.

3.Terceiro trimester is the phase where the gestanteapresenta with bigger intensity of ansiedades due to approach of the childbirth, since, one exists bigger discomfort of the positioning of the cadeiraodontolgica. The dental anesthesia does not exist risk when submitting itself it, since that the dentist knows the effect of the anaesthetics and the alterations queocorrem during the pregnancy. Gestantes can present rise of the arterial pressure. The dentists, together with the gynecologists, had had to choose the anestsicoapropriado one for each situation. The vascularizao of periodonto is presented increased nagravidez, however is not correct to say that it is the inflamaesgengivais gestation that cause. Inflamed areas will present gengivite the presence of the bacterial plate are the etiolgica cause dadoena gengivite.

Therefore, the daily cleanness of teeth with adequate use daescova, wire/dental ribbon and colutrios is the prevention methods the seremtomados ones. It is not only the amount of times that are realizadasas hygienics cleaning that influence in the health of periodonto and the dental element, and yes the association of the quality mechanics of effected cleanness. Cultuar healthful habits during the gestation is essencialpara future mother, being that eventual sopassveis odontolgicas intercorrncias of treatment without it places the dagestante physical integrity at risk and of the baby. ‘ ‘ They look to accompaniment with odontlogosqualificados doctors and & they use to advantage to the maximum this only period that is the maternity! ‘ ‘ .