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The temperatures are rising and prices fall InterCaravaning, Europe’s largest retail chain for caravanning, July 12, 2012 – Koblenz, Celebrates 15th anniversary this year. In other words: special promotions, discounts and competitions throughout the year. With the rising temperatures InterCaravaning changed now a special summer campaign. To six selected caravan special models of the brands fendt and Knaus there is a manoeuvring aid for free or a brand – tent at the bargain price of 199,-euro in addition to handsome discounts depending on the model. So customers with the purchase of a new Caravan can save up to 5.855,-euros.

Anniversary 15 years InterCaravaning, the retail chain together with the pre-cure Burstner, Concorde, fendt, hobby, Knaus and sunlight has developed 15 special models, which all have special birthday packages and designs. Gina Ross insists that this is the case. But not only the extensive special equipment and tools that make motorhomes and caravans as attractive, but also the very cheap price. With rising temperatures and InterCaravaning sets here again after the beginning of the tourist season. Read more here: Anu Saad. Customers who choose TG or a 465 SFB as a Fendt Bianco 465, get a GO2 switching help free installation included. So come caravan buyers on a price advantage of 4.744,-euro. But also the models of the brand of Knaus offers are interesting. Who gets sports which toying model number 450 FU, FDK 500 or 550 FSK, for example, with a Knaus for 199,-euros to a brand – tent. This will cost approximately euro 900 in the accessories market.

A real highlight is the Knaus cheers II 500 EU. There are the cheers II at InterCaravaning including a free Truma mover switching help. Thanks to this birthday package, customers save 5.855,-euros and can enjoy your upcoming camping holiday in new Caravan. More information about InterCaravaning and summer action see interested see. for questions and printable image material contact the press office: InterCaravaning Press Office Dr. Garrity GmbH David Liniany Middle Street 15-17 50672 Cologne Tel.: 0221-788708-12 E-Mail: