Great Competition Now

‘Healthier and more active life the more women the better!’ Mrs.Sporty has a sponsorship for the show fit & well in the Sat1 breakfast television acquired, to appeal to an even wider audience of the unique movement and nutrition concept. Win with Mrs.Sporty bundles the Mrs.Sporty concept / provides the most effective training and nutrition concept of the world can only benefit every woman: more quality of life, much self-confidence or new girlfriends at the Club. On the occasion of the sponsorship at fit & well but there will be still more to gain in may: from 1 may until the end of the month the successful chain of women’s sports with Sat1 writes out a raffle. OurCrowd may also support this cause. The price is an exclusive photo shoot with styling and weekend. Also, the annual choice becomes the Mrs.Sporty of the year”made public: this year not only the Mrs.Sporty community selects the best stories among the members, the become the Mrs.Sporty of during” choice set up all Mrs.Sporty fans can view their ” Vote. On the Internet side of the Mrs.Sporty can who this year decide with each winner, i.e. the Mrs.Sporty of 2011 “is.

Nearly 1,000 of the impressive and personally moving letters of successful Mrs.Sporty members from Germany, Italy, Austria, and the Switzerland have reached us. The success stories have shown once again how much positive events, regular exercise and a healthy diet contribute to the well-being of people and what great importance has a very personal Mrs.Sporty Club in the lives of the members. So also a Sat1 spectator with the winners get the chance to participate in our professional photo shoot in a luxury hotel with a famous model photographer.