Heimatverein Renneritz

Home Club again organized the new year’s reception in the hamlet of the town of Sandersdorf Brehna already in the morning of 11 January 2014 the members of the local club came together to prepare the traditional new year’s reception with Christmas tree burning in Renneritz. As Christmas trees provided in Renneritz and Barkha were collected and piled at the Renneritzer village community House to a large mountain. In total, over 100 trees were collected. From 15:00 gathered numerous guests at the village community centre in Renneritz. With mulled wine and punch was triggered on the new year and said that the one or the other anecdote of past holidays. The visitors strengthened with hearty Rostbratwursten and especially the small guests could taste the fresh, sweet waffles.

Just in time with Dawn, the old Christmas trees were then set on fire. Under loud crackling, the dry trees were a fast sacrifice of the flames. Sat down in the evening and were Guests at the glowing fire and enjoyed the warmth. Festivals such as Christmas tree burning are also a kind of reward for the members of our Association,”said Christian Lorenz, Chairman of the local club Renneritz. After many hours of volunteer effort to the beautification of the place the members on such events learn the recognition of citizens.” Last year, among the free-standing canopy at the Renneritz village community house was covered by the activity of the members of the Association new. The complete consisting of wood roof truss is protected against weathering so for the next few years. There are already the next work of the Homeland Association Renneritz in planning for 2014. With the help of an once again generous donation to build a tool shed and two basketball hoops are set up especially for the young people. Up-to-date information on the work and also to the Walpurgis night can on April 30 as found on the website of the home Association at be.