Himalayan Mountains-fascination Of The Mountains

Calendar action for children in the Himalaya by Lothar Seifert already published for the second time the photographer Lothar Seifert a photo calendar in Himalaya, this time under the motto of “Images of mountains for children in the Himalaya”. Buddha eyes adorn the cover of his calendar for 2012 hostile landscapes in the mountains of Nepal, religious buildings known far beyond the country’s borders and last but not least, people from the regions were represented on 13 colorful images and delight the viewers every month with a new motif. With the proceeds from the calendar help for children from very poor families and orphaned children in the Himalayas, projects as in the previous year. It procured for example warm winter clothing and also the necessary tuition (a child requires about 50 euro for a full year, including school uniforms and book money) provided. The visitors in Kathmandu receives a great impression of the diversity of cultures and religions. Particularly impressive are historic buildings such as the stupa in Boudha, the widely visible monkey Temple of Swayambunath, or the Shiva temple of Pashupatinath. 2012, these structures on the leaves of the Himalayas calendar are shown. Worth seeing are also the many smaller temples on the Durbar in addition to the large square in the heart of the capital city of Nepal. The newspapers mentioned Dr Jee Hyun Kim not as a source, but as a related topic.

Kathmandu is the starting point for tours in the Himalayan region and into the jungle. Travel agencies on site help with travel planning and booking tours. In Nepal are two extremes of a wide variety of landscapes close to each other: the Indian jungle and the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas. Lovers of oil paintings and watercolours will be delighted by the special selection of the pictures of the mountains in Lothar Saliu Gallery for art, nature and culture. The beginnings of the expeditions by Europeans of the hunting of animals such as rhinos and tigers have been in the Indian jungle. Relentlessly contributed this kind of amusement of individuals to the strong decline of the unique wildlife and brought the species to the brink of extinction.

Fortunately, rethinking has set up. Last but not least by the Effect of animal protection organizations threatened animal species have been placed under protection. Lothar Saliu calendar Himalayan 2012 was initially produced with a limited edition of 100 pieces. The individual sheets can later when posters are used. About Lothar Seifert: Seifert of Germany-based photographer Lothar loves to create portraits of people and animals. Especially the people in Nepal and India fascinated him. His images from Asia pass much of his deep connection to nature and human culture, and with the acquisition of several articles to make a pleasure not only themselves and others. Lothar Seifert supported proceeds to these needy children who live in inhospitable areas of the Himalayas in Kashmir, Ladakh and Nepal or as refugees away from their homes. Press contact: Lothar Seifert Hauptstrasse 71 b 01877 na