Homeland Experiments

Modern medicine continues to improve his arsenal of instruments and equipment, introducing into practice all the latest advances, including those related to nano-technology. Russia has everything you need to a different clinical centers with the most modern equipment, but … For decades, we told that the medicine we have is free, although it has never been such. bsites. Among Russian physicians, there are many of these very talent, famous throughout the world. But there are a lot of posts are held by people whom the doctors can only be called a stretch. Emerged in recent years, alternative free medicine – medicine fee, at our mentality will not soon be able to really meet the demands of the Russians. Today, unfortunately, paid sector of medicine in Russia is flooded with basically not cool professionals and businessmen with the diplomas of doctors, which doctors are only interested in work as an opportunity for good earnings. Increasingly, swim out cases of egregious negligence and professional insolvency among Russian doctors.

But the notorious corporate ethics in many cases makes conceal such facts. Now you can freely travel abroad, allows the Russians to carry out medical treatment abroad. In Specifically, people who want to get acquainted with the medical care in the country can take advantage of opportunities that provides medical tourism. In many European and Asian medicine is traditionally strong, such Countries like China, Israel and Germany are well known worldwide for its achievements in medicine. These same countries are most convenient to visit their Russian tourists.