Honorary Advisor Fair

Largest information bandwidth is in the tradition of the Honoarberater symposia of the Federation of German Honorary Consultant (VDH) since the beginning of the honorary consulting in Germany Frankfurt – the honorary consultant Congress 2009. The Congress will take place against the background of the discussion now also at the political level and pending decisions on the profession of the Honorary Adviser. The leading stakeholders and infrastructure provider of the honorary consulting in Germany, the VDH GmbH composite of German honorary consultant, a listed for this year’s event far beyond the end of the last year out go interest. In 2009, the Hermann Josef offers ABS Hall of Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt, the space and the atmosphere for this leading event of the honorary Advisory. With a warm-up of three workshops oriented parallel in three lecture rooms, Congress starts on October 13 from 11:15.

Total workshops are aligned to 17:15 13. For the trained content are key market participants such as including Credit Suisse, iShares, Deutsche Bank and Lyxor. Congress & exhibition await you throughout on 14 October with parallel events in two rooms. The opening speech desBundesministeriums the event gives highest topicality in conjunction with the legislative consumer protection for food, agriculture and consumer protection. With two major panel discussions the market mix models need topics?How do you define honorary consulting?What are the different study results per and contra to the honorary consultancy to interpret? \”, from the point of view vonMarktforschungsinstituten, science, consumer protection associations, Juristenund Politikangesprochen.

This study authors and universities anderemVDVM GeschaftsfuhrerDr.Hans-Georg Jenssen, Rechtsanwalt Dr. Christian Waigel, as well as the representatives of leading market research institutes, could be won. The Congress participants expect 21 lectures, inviting each to the conversation. Including the HausDimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), United States, with a route planner to the Honorary consulting, based on the experience in the United States and the United Kingdom.