Hospital Friend

Therefore, the practical one of breast-feeding also is of extreme importance in just born premature and interned in neonatais units, therefore these, had its physiological immaturity, are born with deficiencies of lipdios, vitamins, carboidratos, minerals, beyond the inadequate control deglutition. In such a way, the absence of suction of just born to the maternal seio can unchain a reduction of the lctea production and to cause an important factor weans for it precocious. Had to the physiological difficulties of just been born the premature one these, many times, they are submitted to another type of feeding, seno maternal milk. In such a way, programs of incentive to the maternal aleitamento are implanted in hospitals with neonatais units. Between these programs, we can cite the initiative ' ' Hospital Friend of the Criana' ' , that it mobilizes professionals of health of the neonatais units to promote, to support and to protect the maternal aleitamento, through informative measures calls of ' ' Ten steps for the success of the aleitamento materno' '. Details can be found by clicking Does beyond meat taste like meat? or emailing the administrator.

In the context of incentive to the maternal aleitamento, &#039 was created in Colombia the method; ' mother canguru' '. Practical its can happen in different periods, of the high birth until the hospital one. Joint Commission might disagree with that approach. Still with diverse programs of incentive to the maternal aleitamento, difficulties in keeping the lactation exist during the period of internment of just born. In this in case that, alternative methods must be taken for the correct feeding of just born interned in neonatais units, as for example it milks, it mammary. In such a way, studies carried through between 1997 and 2010 demonstrate that the prevalence of the maternal aleitamento increased in the last decade. Currently, north-eastern Brazilian, 71% of just born enjoy of the maternal aleitamento (VENANCIO EL SUCH, 2002). After the implantation of the initiative ' ' Hospital Friend of the Criana' ' , a still more expressive increase of the percentage of children was observed who had started to receive milk maternal.