Humor and Health

Humor – it's amazing healing skill and physical and emotional stress. Many religions believe that laughter – is an expression of enhanced spirituality. Doctors also call him free drugs. Despite benefits in our life humor can be difficult to achieve because it is unique, and is associated with aging, sex, time period and culture. Quite often people object to those who often laughs, comparing them with the village idiot! However, instead of criticizing or sit solemnly with folded hands, in the presence of such people, we could release our inner child and look for opportunities to laugh, finding objective wit in any situation. When we laugh at the witty remarks of others, we "kill two birds with one stone: it helps them feel nice, and produce our own power.

Many funny People come because of social problems, ie, deprived "of the soil underfoot." Laughter helps them to shine and produce anxiety. In fact, some children do not fit into the social school environment, or have difficulty in relationships with parents, take center stage in his class. They become a sort of class clown, trying to assert their individuality, as well as to reject mainstream values. Many of these young actors look inside on the ideas and disciplines taught in school and are able to discover the absurd details that many of us do not see. They raised the habit of finding the original vision, which actually become for them a natural response to real events. They bring energy, curiosity and spontaneity to all their relationships. Laughter has the remarkable physiological benefits. Doctors call humor internal mechanical work, because it has advantages such as physical training. The laughter in our life can enhance the efficiency of solving various problems, because it helps the brain to reduce stress and do its job without stress. Laughter also provides invaluable help for those of us who suffer torments of pain release of endorphins. In addition, laughter improves respiratory function, increases the number of immune cells, lowers blood pressure and reduces risk of heart attack.