Image Optimization And HD Tuner

The central criteria for a TV purchase until a few months ago it was the terms HDready and FullHD, which split the world of flat-screen TVs. Meanwhile, other specifications have replaced these magic words. The portal for online auctions explained what it is today when buying a LCD, LED or plasma TV comes on. Stiftung Warentest is the market of flat TV ( fernseher/8330/kategorie.html) for good. Most models provided an acceptable now to very good picture. The resolution is by no means essential.

Rather it depends on the image enhancement techniques. These are, for example, able to produce a good image from a relatively poor analog cable signal. Although this is not comparable with DVD or BlueRay content at all. Compared to older devices but the new models in relation to the cable signal better behave. Among the devices tested by the Stiftung Warentest 32PFL9604H and the cut in this category of Philips best Philips 42PFL8404H. In addition, customers should place emphasis on HDMI ports and HD-compatible tuner.

More and more broadcasters to provide parts of their program in high-definition quality. After the Arte made beginning has to start with the beginning of the Winter Olympics also ARD and ZDF with special HD programs. The first HD as well as ZDF HD free-to-air and need no decryption card. Is necessary for paid content, they are offered such as RTL and VOX from November. For this reason it is worth when buying a TV on the respective card slot, called to ensure common interface. More information: presse.