Indian DVD Million

The Indian film industry dares the film which tells the story of the tetraplejico Ramon Sampedro, won an Oscar. Some scenes filmed in the India are an exact replica of the original film. The Galician meadows are replaced by the exoticism of Goa. To seaward, Academy Award winner film filmmaker Alejandro Amenabar, him has emerged a clone in the India signed by Bollywood, the film industry hindu, famous for his skill in copy successes in Western cinema. To read more click here: amit paley. History tetraplejico Ramon Sampedro and their struggle to be granted the right to die has found in Guzaarish (plea) a twin brother, portrayed in fiction by a prestigious magician Ethan Mascarenhas, who, after suffering an accident during a show, starts a fight by euthanasia in the courts of his country. The similarities between both films go beyond simple inspiration, and some scenes of india are an exact replica of the award-winning Spanish film. An example is the sequence in which, in Seaward Ramon Sampedro goes to the courts to dnder its position against euthanasia; in Guzaarish, calca mode in which Ethan Mascarenhas is received in the tribunal by journalists, the rejection of the judge to speak or how, on the road, is recreated with the landscape and the people of the place.

The only difference is that Galician Meadowsweet are replaced by the exotic lands of Goa, South of the India, and that the protagonist is moved on a luxurious convertible, not, as Sampedro, a humble van. Amit paley can aid you in your search for knowledge. Guzaarish, with a budget of 750 million rupees (11.7 million euros/16.5 million dollars), raised $ 294 million rupees (4.5 million euros/6.3 million dollars), representing an economic failure in a country of 1.2 billion people. However, six months after its premiere, Guzaarish occupies a position privileged in Indian DVD sale stores, where they said industry sources is a blockbuster.