Infertility Treatment and Nutrition

Be prepared that the doctor will ask you to detail all the diseases, injuries and operations that have taken place in your life before. Previously it was thought that infertility – incompatibility. The causes of infertility: – inflammatory processes occurring in the genitals – Genetic predisposition – Various immunological and endocrine abnormalities – Individual incompatibility. Identifying the causes – is a very lengthy process, which includes qualitative analysis and identification of the causes of infertility or someone of the partners, or both at once. Modern medicine stands at a level of development in which You can not only correctly identify the cause of infertility, but in most cases to the appropriate treatment.

I want to give a little advice on nutrition in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system men and women. A very important factor is the inclusion in the diet of foods containing vitamins, particularly vitamin E, which is very important in the treatment of infertility. Most of the vitamin found in foods such as SB, corn, sunflower (and in oil from these crops), eggs, green peas, green onions and liver. I will give a few recipes that will be very useful and necessary in the treatment of infertility. First – this sauce, which I read the book “Healing power” Galina Shatalova. She wrote that it was her favorite sauce. After analyzing it, I realized that this sauce is very useful for male infertility, since all the components of this sauce since ancient times.